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UPDATED 5/9/12

All right. Since I’m spamming you my lovely followers with so much Merthur spam but not actually giving you (much) fanfiction, I decided to make the (mandatory) rec list.

So this is the first step, which is fandom classics, starting with the longest and best (nurrr) of the AUs (so you don’t actually need to be caught up, you just need to know that Merlin and Arthur need to get married and live together forever). BE WARNED that most of these contain NC-17 material.

—”The Student Prince" by fayjay. Currently my all-time favorite. It is amazing and funny and fluffy and angsty and ugh. Perfect.

The Loaded March Series by footloose, also known as “that series that I have been fangirling about for the last month or so. Really long chapters, fucking amazing, I love it probably too much for my own good. (The series is navigated with the arrows at the top)

—”Drastically Redefining Protocol" by rageprufrock. A fandom classic, damn good and definitely up there in my favorites. I laugh every time, and it’s the perfect blend of fluffy and angsty and just laugh-out-loud hilarity. Pru is one of my fanfic heroes.

—”World Enough and Time" by neathsunnyskies. Also known in fandom as "The Assassain AU" or "Fucking Beijing." ANGST. SO MUCH ANGST. Absolutely beautifully written, but SO MUCH ANGST. Fangirls, ye be warned.

—As a fluffy antidote to “World Enough and Time,” have “Coffeeshop Muffins" by skellerbvvt. So sweet it will give you cavities.

—”Echoes of Yesterday" by dreamsdustmama. Hardcore, action fic featuring both BAMF!Arthur and BAMF!Merlin. I love it so much.

—”Not In This Land Alone" by torakowalski. Modern AU, Arthur is King and Merlin starts working at Buckingham Palace. Angst, adventure, and hilarity ensue. Oh dear God, I love this one so very very much.

—”These Good Times Are Killing Me" by minor-hue. Huge fandom classic. Angsty, hurts-so-good, will tear your heart to shreds and then glue the pieces carefully back together.

Okay, onto slightly less fandom-classic ones. Not in any particular order; I basically just went through my bookmarks folder.

—”Quickening Days" by Fayhe. Hilarious Groundhog Day-esque fic where Arthur and Merlin live the same day over again. So great.

—”You’re a Mile Away and You Have Their Shoes" by mad_maudlin. ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL switch!fic that also has sweetness and feels and it’s just so great.

—”Timshel" by ems. This was the first long and really good Merlin fanfiction that I read, and it really started me off in the fandom/my fanfiction pursuits. So it has a very special place in my heart. It’s also fantastically well-written and very sweet. PA!Merlin Modern AU. Guh.

—”There’s No Business Like Show Business" by lady-ragnell. Basically just go read everything that lady-ragnell writes. For serious. They’re FANTASTIC. But this series is definitely one of my favorites. Modern AU, Merlin and Arthur are voice actors for a kids show about gay dragons. No lie. It’s absolutely wonderful.

For serious, lady-ragnell’s work constitutes like half of my recs. So just go read.

—”Natural Selection" by minor-hue. Modern AU, Merlin is Arthur’s waiter as Arthur goes on a series of blind dates. Hilarious and sweet with just a dash of angst for good measure.

—”The Incident with the Thingy" by sparky77. Spy!AU of hilarity and awesome. I just…just read it.

—”Love in the Time of Scholar-a" by  itachitachi. One of my all-time favorites, mostly because it’s Merthur set in what I want to do with my life. ALL the inside academia jokes!

—”The Wrong Avalon" by leashy_bebes. Doctor Who crossover! Really well done, I thought the characterizations were rather spot-on.

—”Fostered" by rageprufrock. Another of my favorite authors—go read everything s/he has ever written. This one is where Merlin and Arthur adopt a dragon egg. SO CUTE.

—”Assumptions" by wrtrs-blck. Rather OOC, but SO HILARIOUS. Fluffy and funny and GAA (har har).

—”Crossing the Line" by Ultra-Geek. Really funny BAMF!Merlin, canonverse, containing this gem that never fails to make me laugh:

"It’s my understanding," Gwaine said, disregarding White’s orders with a roll of his eyes, "That, based off of their wardrobe, they were an aspiring minstrel group who, having failed musically, have turned to a life of crime and magic and want to destroy Camelot. A classic tale, really."

"Today’s going to be one of those days," Arthur said, "Isn’t it?"

—”Favorite" by astolat. One of my favorite PWP, and that sounded way less creepy in my head. I mean, there’s sort of a plot, but not really. Adorable and sweet and really good porn.

—”Camelot" by dreamsdustmama. Modern!AU, Merthur goes to the Ren Faire, where Merlin runs the Bird of Prey show and Arthur jousts. I’m nerdy enough to squee over this. A lot.

—”Remake the Current Stream" by hulubululu. Arthur runs the Albion Zoo and Merlin is a new student intern keeper thing. SO CUTE.

—”A History of Two Conversations (On Paper)" by takadainmate. Fluffy canonverse fluff.

—”All I Want for Christmas (Is You)" by dreamsdustmama. OH MY GOD THE FLUFFIEST AND BEST CHRISTMAS FIC (except perhaps What Child is This, below). THERE’S A PUPPY. IT’S MERTHUR WITH A PUPPY. I CAN’T.

—”What Child is This" by lamardeuse. More Christmas fluff, this one with Arthur and Merlin taking care of an abandoned child. I don’t really like children and even I found this adorable.